How the get your life together

Since I know how much you can desire an organized life; I wanted to help you and decided to write this article.
The order in this list is free so you can always switch it up, especially when you have a busy life or struggle with depression or other mental health problems.

1. Set a good time to wake up

Getting up early can help a lot when trying to get your life together. Since it sounds so difficult for some people; especially for people that suffer from depression I recommend getting up just a little bit earlier every single day. Just five or fifteen minutes a day and soon you will reach a time when you like to get up. Everyone has their own rhythm, so try to get up at a time that feels good for you so when you get up you immediately feel awake.

2. Take care of good and balanced nutrition

It’s not about just eating greens; just try to figure out what your body needs. A lot of people have a sensitive stomach so it is very important to have a balanced diet. How many meals do you need a day? Some people just need two; some three and some people five. The more meals you have the less you should eat during each meal. This can change your life especially when you were diagnosed with IBS (irritable bowel syndrome).

3. Create an “Inspiration Board”

Inspiration is one of the biggest things on this list. The right inspiration can do wonderful things to our mind and can lead us to great achievements.
There is absolutely no limit. You can create an Inspiration Board on your bedroom or workspace wall, you can make one in your phone, I personally like making them with Pinterest.


4. Create a clean space

I feel the most energized when all my things have a place and everything is organized. It immediately relaxes my brain and I can start my day with a fresh mind. Try to sort out things you don’t need or use anymore and give everything else a place, so you always know where to put things immediately. Try to keep everything clean by vacuuming and wiping dust every few days, especially when you have pets.

5. To-Do Lists

I know you have read this a million times, but it’s true…they can structure your life and especially your mind. 

Here are some tips to create your to-do lists by:

  • Where do you write it down? (Do you like writing them down? On a piece of paper, your phone (apps) or do you prefer a notebook?)
  •  Make a realistic list. (What do you really have to do today? Can somebody else do it? Is there too much on your list to do in one day? Can you cross out some things?)
  •  Decide an order. ( Do you want to write them down in the order you would like to get them done or do you go from important to irrelevant?)

6. Brain Dump

Do you know this feeling when you have so much on your mind that you can’t even remember your own thoughts from a few minutes ago? Then this exercise or ritual is the right thing for you. Write everything you think about down… questions, dreams, fears, answers, thoughts, hopes and adventures. It doesn’t matter what you write and there are no limits. It doesn’t have to  be prefect. All that matters is that you feel like your mind has been cleansed. You can destroy it right afterwards or keep it. You can write it down whenever you want and wherever you are… on your phone, your laptop or a notebook. The most important thing is that it makes you feel good again.

7. Create a work space

I am not just talking about a desk and a chair, but also about a “space” that will only be used for work. Stop doing anything else on your desk or the area you work (especially when you are a student or work from home), because you will get used to doing other things there like checking your phone or watching videos etc. When you want to take a break go some place else or go ahead and just sit or lay on your floor it can relax you immediately. So when you want to start working again you just have to go and sit back at your desk.

Here are some things that help me focus:
  • Good lighting. I know this sounds weird, but I realized that good lighting helped me work more efficiently. A big bright light will wake you up in the morning (especially in the winter) and you can read everything clearly without any struggles and keeps you up and awake till you are done working.
  • Keep your work space clean. ALWAYS!
  •  You can put your phone on airplane mode or when you need to use the internet while working you can download an app that blocks messages from certain apps.
  •  It may help when you set an alarm or make a plan. Some people work better when they are under pressure.

8. Plan and Pack

With the to-do lists we already got the planning part covered, but you can specify this part by using a planner; as a book or on your phone and computer. I like using both options together since it makes my life easier. I love using the planner as a book as home and sometimes take a small one with me (I always had one with me at school) and I use my phone planner for appointments and friends and sync it with my computer.
Now we come to the packing part. There are many ways to “pack” for the next day or whatever is coming up. Of course it goes even faster when you “create a clean space”.

Some things I like to “pack” and organize on time (the day before):
  • Pack your bag
  • Pick an outfit
  • Pick your make up and put everything you will need together for tomorrow
  • Plan what you want for breakfast (and lunch and maybe even dinner)
  • By making a brain dump right before you go to bed you can clear your mind and have a good night sleep

9. Create a peaceful space

I get caught up in my thoughts and emotions so fast and easily every day and I realized that peace brought happiness into my life. I couldn’t find time or had excuses why I couldn’t  do yoga or meditate or even just find some time to sit quietly and breath... so I decided to ”built” a peaceful space.
It can be a separate room, a corner in your room and maybe you even have a peaceful spot in nature that you love going to.

Things that can help you create this space:

  • candels
  • lamps with warm yellow light
  • Pillows
  • Crystals
  • pictures and quotes that bring you happiness
  • flowers
  • peaceful music
  • green plants
  • Aroma Diffuser
  • Mala

10. Create a Routine

This is the most important thing on this list and for freedom loving people (like I am) it sounds like something so boring and restrictive. BUT it can make even the most  freedom loving people happier.

Things that you might like to include in your Routine:

  •  Always get up at the same time (at least under the week, your body will thank you even more when you do it every day of the week.)
  •   Take some time for yourself after waking up. Take a few deep breaths, stretch or brain dump or do yoga. It will help you connect with yourself through the day.
  • Make your bed.
  • Take 30 Min. a day to read (a magazine or a book)
  • Before you go to bed; think about the things that you are thankful for today

Start now! 
Get your life together and create the life you want!(!!)


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