Strive for Progress Not Perfection

Life has many challenges for us. Sometimes we have to do things we hate, are against or are afraid of. It's important that you are honest with yourself. What do you feel? Are you really angry about it or are you just afraid. At the moment I feel like some big changes are happening. How I am feeling about it? I am so scared, but at the same time I am really excited. I want to change my life in the right direction and have to cross many lines during this transition. You have to sacrifice little things to achieve something bigger and greater. I am ready to do so and I am open minded. I believe that there is undiscovered energie in everyone and it's only a matter of time and chances till we get to unfold them.

The first step is to find inner peace (meditate or spend some time outside) and start listening to your inner voice, but never forget your gut feeling, because only when those two are in complete agreement you are sure that it's what you really want and need. Now you are able to take step by step to come closer to your aim. It will take some time, probably your sleep and may even cost you some losses (friends,beliefs and hopes), but you will achieve something greater.

Never give up - always keep going.

You don't have to make anyone else happy. You only have to take care of yourselves and when you are happy your true friends and family will be happy too. Put yourself first - it may seem selfish, but that is okay. Your life is only about you. Time goes by fast and when you're going be old you won't remember that you made someone else happy - you will probably just think of how unhappy it made you. I believe that everyone is beautiful, intelligent, helpful, friendly and meant to be a better self.

Focus on yourself and your dreams. Life has amazing adventures in store.

Your Lady of the World


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